What is Denver Synth Meet?

Denver Synth Meet is a place for you to bring your favorite synth gear and share sounds and ideas with others. Think of it as a show and tell for synth enthusiasts!

This year we focus on the hardware a bit more by giving incentives for you to bring both the gear you love and the gear you would like to sell or trade. 

While our entire event is open to all forms of synthesis (software and hardware) the items that will qualify you for the discounted entry can be one of the following:

1- A physical hardware synthesizer (analog/digital/modular/diy)

2- A physical drum machine (analog/digital/modular/diy)

Said items should have a headphone out jack and/or the ability to plug into a mixer to share sounds. While we encourage you to bring headphones please feel free to bring any additional items you might need to share your experience with others (mixers, keyboard stands, effects processors etc).

Sorry but Phones, Tablets (iPads), Software and Laptop/Desktop computers will not qualify you for discounted pricing for this years event.

Synthesizers can captivate you at time of purchase and then end up unused, either because of a new purchase or a change in workflow.  By bringing synth’s to the meet we all get a chance to explore individual possibilities and maybe hear different sounds and see different workflow’s in action. 

Of course we welcome Manufacturers to bring their latest creations so we can look forward to the future of electronic music making.

There was a smaller synth meet back in 2013.  Here is a youtube clip of just part of it.

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